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freeARTecard.com is an online greeting card, a convenient and quick way to send someone a special message via your computer at no cost to you. Useful when just an email does not match those special occasions. freeARTecard, as the name says, are free e-cards. You choose an image from a selection of artists works to make a stylish ecard which is sent to the recipient via email.

KN 344 Brigitta Nottebohm - Zeichnung, Pigmente, Reliefprägung - 78cm x 53 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

KN 21503 Brigitta Nottebohm - Mischtechnik auf Archebüttenp. - 62 cm x 90 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

KN 0726 Brigitta Nottebohm - Mischtechn., Zeichnung auf Lwd. - 80cm x 80 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

KN 077 Brigitta Nottebohm - Mischtech., Zeichnung auf Böttenpapier - 76cm x 28,5 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

KN A04 Brigitta Nottebohm - MIschtechnik auf Lwd. - 35 cm x 35 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

KN MV Brigitta Nottebohm - Pigmente auf Lwd. - 65 cm x 114 cm - Brigitta-Nottebohm.at

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